Nowadays, the tendency is moving more and more towards “COLD Waterproofing”.
It’s been Riteseal’s passion and trend since the beginning!!

With more than 25 years background experience, we have mastered the art of COLD Waterproofing at its best.
Riteseal offers a wide range of specialized cold waterproofing solutions, to meet your specific needs.
Offering up to 10 years of guarantee!

Roof Screeds & Gutters

RITESEAL highly recommends laying a Roof Screeds and adjustment of gutters or drainage pipes prior to receiving any waterproofing treatment.

A Roof screeding is non-structural concrete, poured typically without any steel reinforcement and laid down with slopes. This is to remove rainwater from the roof area and into gutters or drainage points.

Roof screeds can be applied to any building surface that requires re-sloping.

By eliminating stagnant water, you are securing your roof in the long run and also preventing propagation of mosquitos.

Sufficient gutters or drainage pipes must be provided in relation to the size of the catchment area and the expected rainfall.
The diameters of the downpipes must be sufficient to cope with the expected water and all outlets must be supplied with hail/leaf guards to prevent blockage. Rainwater outlets must never be situated in or through an expansion joint.

So should you require a Roof Screed &/or Gutters before your treatment, just “contact us” and we will be happy to help.

Cold Waterproofing

Roof • Wall • Patching

Our COLD based waterproofing compound has excellent adhesion properties for various substrates such as concrete, wood, metal, tiles and many more.

Don’t change it, cover it!

  • Can be applied directly over any old treatment if found acceptable.
  • No flame involved, thus reducing fire hazards.
  • No down-time for hazardous areas (Filling stations)
  • Non Flammable

Cementous Waterproofing

Swimming pools • Showers • Basements & Cellars • Reservoirs • Silos •
Tunnels • Air – conditioning plants • Machine pits • Lift Pits

Our Cementous waterproofing compound, which is used for the protection and waterproofing of brick and concrete structures.


  • Admixtures for cement mortars and concretes that greatly improves adhesion
    to many substrates including dense concrete, glass, steel, tiles, etc.
  • Primer coat for tiling of floors and painted/gypsum plastered wall surfaces.
  • A high quality water based additive with excellent water repellent properties that inhibits fungal growth.

Used for:

  • Interior and exterior water resistant rendering.
  • Damp-resistant layers.
  • Levelling floors prior to laying tiles, wood blocks etc.


  • Gives a wash fast water repellent finish.
  • Greatly improves adhesion.
  • Imparts excellent resistance to water.
  • Improves flexibility and strength.
  • Can be used on its own or mixed.