Light Thermal Waterproofing membranes

Our Light Thermal membrane is an innovation in the thermal-insulating technology. Designed to keep your surrounding environment cool in summer and warm in winter.

Samtex membranes

Samtex membranes is one of the strongest materials available as reinforcement in cold waterproofing. It offers an unusual combination of high strength properties, delivering good elongation for excellent thermal stress force accommodations. Permits excellent waterproof around skylights, chimneys, vents, drains, bolts or other areas where leaks occur.

Thermal Composite Blanket

Innovation in thermo-insulation technology, designed to keep your surrounding environment cool.

The thermal composite blanket reduces heat transfer from the steel pipes to the surrounding environment:

  • Hot pipes increase the environments temperature, making it hotter.
  • Wrapping pipes with Thermal Composite Blanket will retain the energy from one point to another over long distances.