Terraco Weathercoat GP

Weathercoat GP

Weathercoat GP is a high quality, versatile, permanent waterproofing system for roofs, facades, wet rooms and water retaining structures.

Product Overview

A two-component, positive pressure, waterproofing system, consisting of a cementitious based powder and an elastomeric acrylic based resin, it is easily mixed on site. Different mixing ratios will produce compounds with different degrees of flexibility, suitable for different purposes as shown in this table.


Weathercoat is supplied as a two component, powder (cement based) and resin (acrylic based) system, to be mixed on site. Different mixing ratios will produce compounds of different degrees of flexibility, suitable for different purposes.

Weathercoat Resin is based on concentrated acrylic resins, highly resistant to UV light and alkalinity. The system is permanently flexible and miscible with cement and cement based materials in all proportions. Although developed as a high-class waterproofing system, it is very suitable as an additive to mortars and screeds to increase their tensile, compressive and flexural strengths and reduces their water cement ratio.

Weathercoat Powder is based on special cements and precisely graded fillers, wetting and adhesion promoters. Properties of the final mix will vary according to the ratio of powder to resin.

Areas of Use

  • Concrete flat roofs (exposed and under-tile)
  • Swimming pools
  • Fountains
  • Cementitious potable water tanks and water retaining areas
  • Wet room, walls and floor
  • Repairs of hairline cracks and low build concrete repairs
  • Foundations, retaining walls

Application Method


Ensure all dirt and foreign matter is cleaned off the areas to be coated. Remove any ridges or form oil. Dusty or flaking surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly, then primed with Penetrating Primer.


Mix the components in the ratios shown in the table below. Add powder to resin and use a high speed mixer or power agitator until the mix is homogenous. If spraying add enough water to bring to the correct consistency. Apply using brush, roller or spray, leave 3 hours between coats for drying. Mixed Weathercoat must be used within 1 hour of mixing.

Mixing Ratio

Resin: Powder: Water = 1 : 3 : 0 – 0.1 ltr

Tools may be cleaned with water, ensure this is done within one hour of mixing of materials.