Terraco Silcoat WB

Terraco Silcoat WB

Silcoat WB is a specially formulated water repellent for building facades which is based on innovative waterborne technology. The product is environmentally friendly as the carrier solvent is water, whereas in previous generations of water repellent mineral spirits were required as a carrier.

Silcoat WB penetrates deep into the substrate and protects the building from the damaging effects of water. It extends the life and preserves the appearances of above ground exterior masonry.


Silcoat WB is a water based emulsion of silanesiloxane polymers with the following properties.

  • Water based
  • Improves weather resistance
  • Reduces dirt pick-up
  • Reduces freeze/thaw damage
  • Reduces efflorescence
  • Leaves a tack free natural surface
  • Allows masonry to breath
  • Does not change colour of surface
  • Water repellent in 24 hours

Areas of Use

On all types of concrete, asbestos cement, brick, aerated concrete, mineral coatings, natural stone, lime based renders.

Application Method

Preparation of surface:

Ensure that all dust, dirt and foreign matter are brushed and scraped away. Also ensure the surfaces are free from salts, oil, grease and ridges, and protect all adjacent surfaces not to be covered.

Application and cleaning of tools

Silcoat WB can be applied by spray or brush. Apply in a liberal coat until surface is saturated. Porous surfaces may require two or three coats. Clean tools and equipment with water after use.