Terraco Flexicoat QS200

Terraco Flexicoat QS200

Flexicoat QS200 is a single pack fast drying waterproof coating

It provides a highly flexible waterproof coating with excellent weather resistance. Flexicoat QS200 has long life flexibility and is ideally suitable for use in areas with extreme climatic conditions.


Flexicoat QS200 has the following properties:

  •  Highly flexible
  •  Seamless waterproofing
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Easy to apply – Sprayable
  • High tensile strength

Areas of Use

  • Under tile application:
    – Bathrooms, kitchens
    – Balconies,  patios
  • Suitable for Modular construction

Application Method

Surface Preparation 

Ensure substrates are clean and sound. Remove all existing coatings, cement laitance, unsound honeycombing, and spalling concrete by suitable mechanical means.


Dry and porous substrates should be primed with Terraco Terrabond A diluted with water in a 1:3 ratio as a primer coat. Other surfaces should be saturated with water before application, but no standing water should be present.


  • Apply one coat of Terraco Flexicoat QS200 using brush or spray.
  • Embed reinforcement mesh in areas where needed. Allow 6 hours* drying time before applying the next coat.
  • Apply the second coat of Terraco Flexicoat QS200 to get a coverage of approximately 1-1.5kg/m2 (2 coats).