Samson SB29 Waterproofer


Samson SB29 is a synthetic liquid latex based admixture for cement mortars and concretes that greatly improves adhesion to many substrates including dense concrete, glass, steel, tiles. SB29 improves strength, flexibility and water/moisture resistance of plaster and mortar mixes.

Colours: White to Clear


  • Interior and exterior water resistant rendering.
  • Damp-resistant layers
  • Levelling floors prior to laying tiles, wood blocks etc.
  • Water- Resistant adhesives for tiles, glass, steel etc.
  • Water – Resistant additive for tile adhesives and groutings.
  • Corrosion protection of steel reinforcing rods in concrete and steel structures.
  • Waterproofing flat roofing and balconies.
  • Patching and repairing concreted areas.
  • Industrial flooring and screaming
  • Flooring for areas where improved chemical resistance is required. eg dairies, factories.
  • Lining of effluent ducts, canals, tunnels etc
  • Screeds for bathrooms and showers.
  • Nosing for stairs indoors/outdoors


  • Greatly improves adhesion to many substrates including dense concrete, glass, steel, tiles etc
  • Imparts excellent resistance to water and water vapour.
  • Thinner sections of mixes may be applied.
  • Much improved flexibility.
  • Resistance to frost is vastly improved.
  • Reduced water / cement ratio for equivalent workability.
  • Diminishing dusting
  • Improves chemical resistance.


  • Pack size – 20L Jerry Cans
  • Viscosity – ± 100 cps
  • Density – 1.0 g/l
  • Toxicity – Non Toxic
  • Fire hazard – None
  • Shelf life – 6-12 months (dependent on storage conditions)
  • Storage – Cool, dry area below 25°C

Properties listed above are for guidance only and not a guarantee on performance.