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Roof Screeds & Gutters

RITESEAL offers the laying of Roof Screeds to any building that requires a re-sloping and the adjustments of Gutters or drainage pipes.

A Roof screeding is non-structural concrete, poured typically without any steel reinforcement and laid down with slopes. This is to remove rainwater from the roof area and into gutters or drainage points.

By eliminating stagnant water, you are securing your roof in the long run and also preventing propagation of mosquitos. However, all roof screeds require a waterproofing treatment to be applied over it.

Sufficient gutters or drainage pipes must be provided in relation to the size of the catchment area and the expected rainfall.
The diameters of the downpipes must be sufficient to cope with the expected water and all outlets must be supplied with hail/leaf guards to prevent blockage. Rainwater outlets must never be situated in or through an expansion joint.

So, should you require a Roof Screed &/or Gutters, just “contact us” for a quote.