Interior Decorating

Offering revolutionary new concepts with a fine art of simplicity,
RITESEAL is the authorized distributor for Eezy Pleat, Skirtex & Solent Ceiling Fans.

Eezy Pleat curtain tape

EEZY PLEAT curtain tape is a single system, meaning 1 tape 1 hook offering 10 different styles. The System is so simple that any body can produce a perfectly uniform finish of any style with a basic explanation of the product.

Interior Decoration In Mauritius - Riteseal
Interior Decoration In Mauritius - Riteseal

Skirtex flexible Skirting

SKIRTEX flexible Skirting is a revolutionary new concept, in the building industry. This Eco-friendly, non-toxic, CFC Free product is made from reclaim product thus preventing further deforestation. Skirtex is designed to provide the perfect finish to any interior room.

Solent Ceiling Fans Mauritius

Riteseal is the official retailer of Solent Ceiling Fans in Mauritius. Solent offers a wide variety of styles which are fully customizable to suit your indoor / outdoor environment. All Solent fans come with a 3 year warranty.