Facilities Management Services

Based on our 25 years of past experience on the island, implying both high standards of technical competency and a still higher customer oriented service, we are now nearer to you with our Facilities Management department looking forward to maintain and protect your asset, whether house, bungalow, apartment, office premises, residential complex, corporate building, or commercial facility.

We are committed to serve you with a One-Stop-Shop service that has you covered in all aspects of maintenance in terms of ad-hoc interventions, and planned maintenance agreements in the most competitive and efficient way possible within the scope of our best resources.

Our Service Center, handles all incoming requests and manages all in the following areas:
Surface treatments, waterproofing, painting, grey works, carpentry, metal works, electrical and lighting, plumbing and pumps, landscaping, and these, with constant professional on-site supervision and management.

The ultimate goal is a mutually fruitful business relationship that on your side, sees your yearly maintenance costs under control in a satisfying manner.


Soft Maintenance

Cleaning Services

  • Daily Common Areas (morning mopping service, day through upkeep)
  • Daily Janitorial (daily hourly common areas & baths)
  • Periodical (carpet shampoo, scrubbing)
  • Contract Management (glass curtain)

Support Services

  • Front Office (receptionist, lobby, lift attendance)
  • Periodical (event supervisor, hostesses)
  • Back Office (licensing management, personnel management, tenant management, guest management, inventory & supplies

Health & Safety

  • Workplace Safety (consulting, risk assessment)
  • Trainings (fire evacuation and first aid)
  • Drills (fire management and evacuation, first aid)
  • Emergency Implements (pest control, health threats prevention)