Bully Liner (Specialty Products)

Bully Liner

Bullyliner is a water-based, environmentally friendly, single component coating made from recycled for easy roll, brush or spray on any and all automotive application

NO-Mixing, NO Wastage, NON-Hazardous, just open can and use ! Bullyliner is single component, environmentally friendly,water based and made from recycled tires, enhanced with Self-Cleaning Nano Technology, Bully liner vulcanizes rubber on almost any surface including… Metal, Concrete, Wood, Plastic and Asphalt all cured in ambient air! Applied by Roll, Brush or by Bully liner Spray Gun, is like lining the surface with car tires.

Protects All Surface Against  Dents, Scratches, Rust,and Corrosion.

Unlike two-pack epoxy or solvent based systems that are both extremely harmful to your health and the environment, Bullyliner™ is made from Low-VOC, water based, single component technology, using environmentally friendly and Easy DIY application techniques….NO Waste,  NO Mixing, Brush, Roll or Spray-on applications. Supplied Ready-To-Use, with optional screw-on-can spray gun, Bully liner will give a professional DIY application every time.